Monday, March 10, 2014


Three months. We’ve only got three months until we’re on our way back to the states. Time has flown incredibly quickly since Christmas break, but I suppose that’s how it always goes… But let's forget about being sad about our time in England being limited and instead reminisce on our fun trip to Amsterdam, shall we?

In the beginning of our journey, we weren’t quite sure that we’d actually be making it to Amsterdam at all. A terrible storm was just the start of England’s incredibly rainy winter, and we heard murmurings around the bus station that our megabus was to be cancelled. Luckily, our bus was still as determined as we were to make it to Amsterdam. All was well until we made it to the Port of Dover where we were to take a Ferry across to France. Upon arrival, where there should have been a big, lit up ferry all ready for us to come aboard, we found a big, blacked out ferry and the highest tides in sixty years. With the ferry’s power out, we had no choice but to sit in our bus with no end in sight, nervously peek out onto the fast flooding parking lot we were in, and try to make conversation with the increasingly drunk lad’s weekend crew sitting in front of us.  Finally, after two hours, we made it onto the ferry and back on our way to Amsterdam. 

First stop, Hostel Van Gogh, our home for the weekend. Located literally a stone’s throw away from the Van Gogh museum, we were only about a 20 minutes walk outside of the city center in a quieter neighborhood. Ironically, we never actually made it to the Van Gogh Museum! 

The closest we got to Van Gogh's sunflowers

The hostel was really nice, and we shared it with two very quiet Italians that I never actually met. According to Jackie, our half of the room (Me, Jackie, Kunal, Roshni, Anthony, and Anna) snored a lot, so big ups to Italian dudes for putting up with us. Right by the Van Gogh Museum is the famous ‘I Amsterdam’ sign, and, being tourists, we all grouped around and got our touristy Amsterdam photo.

We were all in need of food by this point. I’ve been to Amsterdam about six times before with my family as a quick pit stop on our way to/from Egypt, so I knew exactly where to go. Passing through Dam Square on the way to my little gem, we saw a woman passing out rice for the pigeons. I still can’t decide if the following was fun or terrifying.

After a thorough pigeon poop hair check, we were off to enjoy crepes by the canal. We spent the rest of the weekend walking around Amsterdam, 

checking out little stores to get gifts, 

Had a 'treat yo self' moment when impulse buying my new lomography Diana Mini camera

walking through the Red Light District, 

A Red Light District doorway
having a snowball fight with some random kids near our hotel (they were SUPER vicious),

and browsing the Christmas Markets where I played an archery game and won a cute little prize.

We also had a visit to the Anne Frank Museum which was very interesting and moving.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend just hanging out with good friends in a beautiful city!