Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day Trip to Bath

Dog in a wheelchair! DOG IN A WHEELCHAIR.

- Nina

Lisa's visit and some randon London snaps!

A little while ago my friend Lisa, who was studying in Edinburgh last term, came to London for a quick day visit. We packed SO much stuff into one day, it was unreal! Here's a little peek into our eventful day as well as some random pictures of London from the past few months. 

First stop for any tourist in London? Platform 9 3/4

Once again, the St. James Park Squirrels are my favorite thing ever

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Lisa and I popped into the first pub we saw when we got off the tube in Camden. Little did we know it turned out to be a gay bar and dined below a picture of a dominatrix in S&M gear. Good fish and chips though!

Abbey Road!


My friend Anthony and I went to check out the Hunger Games: Catching Fire London premiere a while back. Here's the only snap I was able to get of Jennifer Lawrence, who I couldn't actually see where I was standing without my camera's aid. #shortpeopleproblems

Westminster Abbey is basically Hogwarts.

- Nina