Thursday, November 7, 2013

Don't worry, blog! We haven't forgotten about you!

Jackie and I have been mega busy lately with school and clubs and trips going into full swing! We went on a few trips (North England, Edinburgh, and Brighton) and are getting ready to share all that with you, but haven't had time to make the posts perfect.

So, just for now, here are some random snaps I've taken over the past one and a half (oh my god) months out and about in London!

This little dude could have done worse than being tied up to a Bentley

Pretty much England in a nutshell: Union Jack, rain, and a (broken) umbrella

Camden Lock from behind

Rough Trade East

Columbia Road Flower Market

A piece from JR at the Somerset House

If only we could all 3D print out own men. amiright ladies???

Sunset on the way back to London from Keswick

The squirrels in St. James' Park are the friendliest I have ever met
We should be putting up our trip to Keswick for an ~*~Adventure Weekend~*~ sometime this week. But first, I've gotta jet on over to Ireland for a long weekend with an old friend. We're like SUCH jetsetters nowadays over here...

x Nina

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