Sunday, January 19, 2014

Galway and Brighton!

     Seeing as it’s finals week and I have an exam Thursday I’m not prepared for at all, seems like a good time to put out two blog posts in two days, amiright?

     A little while ago I took a solo trip to go and visit my friend Keegan in Galway, Ireland, where she goes to university. The first thing we did when I arrived was check out a play Keegan’s friend was in. Despite the insane Irish accent the characters had, I actually somehow managed to understand them more than Keegan, who has been living in Ireland for 3 years. I’m a natural, obviously. The next few days included a lot of walking around Galway and going into antique and charity shops. Galway was a super adorable little city and it was so nice and relaxing to get away from the hustle and bustle of London. Also I have this theory that everyone in Ireland is automatically super nice, and everyone I met only enforced that more; definitely a break from stuck up Londoners! Oh also, this is the trip where I left my laptop on the bus on the way home from the airport. Oops. (I got it back though!)

Never have I wanted to do a keg stand so badly
Some mega-Hogwarts vibes

Creepy antique shop find

This random old guy took the picture of us, then we took one with him. This was before we realized he had blood (or something like it) on his hands...

    After my return from Galway, Jackie and I joined up with my cousin, Phoebe, for a little day trip to Brighton. We walked along the beach, got flooded by some insane rain, seeking shelter in the cute little shops along the boardwalk, and I gambled for the first time. I lost a lot more money than I’d like to admit to, but Jackie won £5 on her first play and called it quits. Smart girl. We went to a museum, had some afternoon tea, did some shopping, and ended the day as you’re supposed to in Brighton: with fish and chips!  Shout out to Phoebe for letting me put up some of her pictures as my camera died within the first hour of our trip!

No way I was leaving without touching the water

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