Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stonehenge/Salisbury & Liverpool

Throughout the past year our study abroad program has brought us out on little trips around England to see some sights outside of London. This term we went to go and see Stonehenge and Salisbury! 
Stonehenge itself was a little underwhelming, but seeing some druid warlock dude walk around made it all the better!

I tried to take some tacky tourist photos of me leaning on and holding up Stonehenge, but Jackie was super not into helping me with that, so her directions were only made to make me look foolish. Thanks, Jackie, way to be a team player.

Jackie in an unoriginal and boring pose.
After checking out Stonehenge and it's extensive gift shop, we hopped on a bus to Salisbury. It was such a cute little city, and we ended our tour at the beautiful St. Thomas's Church.

Another trip around England Jackie and I embarked on was to Liverpool to see Bombay Bicycle Club. We checked out some museums there, but found that Liverpool's main selling point (at least as far as we could see) was their huge mall. They can't all be winners. Despite that, we had a great time at the show later that night! Bombay Bicycle Club never disappoint. 

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