Tuesday, May 27, 2014


As far as I can tell, Wales has some of the most beautiful scenery and nature in the UK, so I was super excited when I was able to spend two weekends in Wales this Spring.

The first weekend was spent in Cardiff to celebrate the birthdays of two of my cousins! We stayed in my Aunt's cousin's beautiful home, which had a Tin Tin themed bathroom. It was really great to meet some extended family, which has been a big theme since I came here! Before coming to England, I only really knew my aunts and uncles and cousins, but now I know second cousins, second cousins once removed, third cousins, etc. While in Cardiff we went to the Doctor Who Experience and the National Museum of Cardiff, and had lots and lots of cake!

I made sure to introduce the family to what we can only call 'the box game'. It involves cutting a cereal box down each time it's a person's turn, and they have to pick it up off the floor using their mouth, and only their feet can touch the floor. Some people struggled more than others, but luckily only one person's pants ripped. (Sorry, Dan!)

Birthday girl Phoebe and I having a casual photoshoot inside the TARDIS.

Found a weird Confederate Elvis Flag at a junk shop

Creepy Mammoths at the National Museum of Cardiff


My next trip to Wales was for our program's second Adventure Weekend! After spending the last Adventure Weekend in the rainiest place in England, we were happy to go to beautiful Snowdonia, which was markedly more dry. We stayed in a charming old hotel that was only a little bit creepy, and was surrounded by lakes and trees, and just lots of cool nature in general. 

This time around, my adventure weekend activities were go-karting and taking a tour of the Dinorwig Power Station. Just based on uniform, the go-karting was so much better.

Despite this, if I'm ever on a game show and need to know which power station provides the UK with the extra power it needs for people to make tea after major television programs, I'm covered. (Forreal, this is a thing)
At the end of Adventure Weekend we were all called together for an award ceremony. After taking not one, but two massive tumbles down a hill on the first day of the weekend, I was presented with the 'best fall' award. Having my talents finally recognized was the proudest moment of my life.

It was lambing season, meaning lots of cute little lambs!!

On our way back to London from Wales we took a little pit stop to a town called Llandudno. To my surprise, this actually ended up being the town that I had visited four years earlier on my high school trip to France! It was really unexpected, and made me super happy to be back to such a cute little town with lots of memories. 

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